1. Fkit (Original Mix)
  2. Pulsar (Original Mix)
  3. Pulsar (Mac & Monday Remix)
  4. Insane Clarity (Benjani Mashup)
  5. Insane (San Remix)
  6. Extremadura (Mac & Monday Remix)
  7. Extremadura (Original Mix)
  8. Toca Me (Benjani Remix)
  9. Dune (Benjani Remix)
  10. Insane (Original Mix)
  11. Approach (Original Mix)
  12. Phobia (Benjani Remix)
  13. Aozora (Benjani Remix)
  14. Estuary (Original Mix)
  15. Estuary (Alan Sandberg Remix)
  16. El Fuego (Loisan Remix)
  17. In a Dream (Benjani Remix)
  18. El Fuego (Original Mix)
  19. Deep Blue (Benjani Remix)
  20. Over The Abyss (KhoMha Remix)
  21. Senseless (Benjani Remix)
  22. Night Flight (Fade Remix)
  23. Forever (Benjani Remix)
  24. Winter Vibes (Original Mix)
  25. Fly (KhoMha & Eddy Karmona Remix)


Benjani started to be interested in music production in 2002, he was constantly inspired by listening electronica, trance and progressive. Ever since, he has been gathering under one wing a wide variety of sounds from different artists and styles, he shifted his awareness to be able to focus on different sounds, also often blending them all into one set. Meanwhile trying to create his own tunes and play them in different night clubs and private parties around his home city.

No surprise then that 2009 was a successful year. With his first releases such as "Winter Vibes" and "Fly", he got noticed by other DJ's and producers around the globe. Also his first tracks have been mentioned by Roger Shah, who supported it in his "Magic Island" radio show.

Benjani's guestmixes were featured in different radio shows across UK, North America and Europe. Although his studio career carries more of an original production, Benjani has lent his musical skills to many exceptional remixes and his own music podcast "Blackout Nights", bringing progressive sounds from his same-named parties from London, UK, introducing to fans some of his new non-released club-orientated tunes and top favourite picks.

His music is now being supported and played by artists like Above & Beyond, Markus Schulz, Paul Oakenfold, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Sean Tyas, DJ Feel, Pedro del Mar, Cosmic Gate and many more in their gigs and radio shows.

2013 started with new strong releases on Paul Oakenfold's Perfecto Records and received a massive support by the man himself.

"A new producer called Benjani who's track "Insane" is a sure fire contender for one of our favourite tracks of 2012. It's sublime, it's hypnotic, it's beautiful and melodic and we absolutely love it." - Perfecto Records

New remixes, collaboration with other producers and fresh production releases will keep things boiling this year!