1. Fkit (Original Mix)
  2. Pulsar (Original Mix)
  3. Pulsar (Mac & Monday Remix)
  4. Insane Clarity (Benjani Mashup)
  5. Insane (San Remix)
  6. Extremadura (Mac & Monday Remix)
  7. Extremadura (Original Mix)
  8. Toca Me (Benjani Remix)
  9. Dune (Benjani Remix)
  10. Insane (Original Mix)
  11. Approach (Original Mix)
  12. Phobia (Benjani Remix)
  13. Aozora (Benjani Remix)
  14. Estuary (Original Mix)
  15. Estuary (Alan Sandberg Remix)
  16. El Fuego (Loisan Remix)
  17. In a Dream (Benjani Remix)
  18. El Fuego (Original Mix)
  19. Deep Blue (Benjani Remix)
  20. Over The Abyss (KhoMha Remix)
  21. Senseless (Benjani Remix)
  22. Night Flight (Fade Remix)
  23. Forever (Benjani Remix)
  24. Winter Vibes (Original Mix)
  25. Fly (KhoMha & Eddy Karmona Remix)


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